How Can Your Local-Based Business Benefit from SEO?

During the new age of SEO there is no doubt that if you aren't online you are falling behind as a business owner. With the ongoing pandemic, it is now more important than ever for local businesses to establish themselves on the Google search engine. The problem however is more often than not, businesses overcomplicate the SEO process and hence, avoid making an effort in being found online.

How Can Your Local-Based Business Benefit from SEO?

This can be extremely detrimental for your local business. So you might be wondering, how do you stand out? The key is in having a good SEO strategy that is UNIQUE to your individual business. Think about the potential your business can gain simply from being on the first page of Google. To put things into perspective here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Increased monthly traffic
  • Increased visibility and inbound leads
  • Free organic marketing without any effort
  • Increased month-to-month profits
  • Enhanced brand image and credibility

Remember that nearly 70-90% of clicks only go to the results that are on the first page of Google. As a result it is critical that you position your local based business in the best potential scenario (AKA the first page of Google)

Here are some tips on how you can do this:

Focus on Adding More Quality Content to your Pages

The first thing you can do to improve your SEO is adding quality content to your pages. The rule of thumb is to make sure that your key pages have at least 350 words or more. Having useful content that keeps readers engaged for long periods of time is a great indicator to Google that you are helping people searching for your particular service, product or blog. As a reward for helping Googles users, Google will reward you with higher rankings. You can use websites like to make sure that your content is longer than 350 words.

Optimize Your On-Page SEO

The next thing you should focus on is optimizing your on-page SEO. There are a number of great plugins and apps for all website builders that can help you optimize your on-page SEO step by step. For WordPress you can use Yoast SEO tool and for Wix you can use the SEO wizard. If you don't have either of these, here is a brief checklist you should go through whenever you are auditing a page you have or are looking to publish a new one:

  • Put at least one inbound link in your page (Links to other pages on your website)
  • Put at least one outbound link in your page (Links to other websites)
  • Make sure that you put your targeted keyword in your H1 tag, SEO Page Title, and URL
  • Have more than 350 words in your published page
  • Put your keyword in the alt text for your images
  • Separate your text with H2 and H3 tags
  • Meta description should be 155 characters or less
  • Page SEO title should be 60 characters or less

Setup a Google My Business

The next thing you should do which is key for a local Brampton business is to setup a GMB (Google My Business) profile. With a google my business anyone searching for "Your service near me" will see you as one of the first results if you are in the customers relative location. It is extremely easy to setup a Google My Business account and I highly urge you to do so. 

Work with an Agency or Freelancer

Lastly the final tip you can use to improve your Brampton-based SEO business is to work with a credible SEO agency or Freelancer. You can find many freelancers on websites such as Fiverr. Just be careful to work with a good seller as mistakes in SEO can be extremely damaging to your site. As a result I'd opt for working with a local agency that can take care of your SEO completely. Some of the best Brampton SEO, Mississauga SEO, and Oakville SEO Agencies that come to mind is Click Typhoon which is a dedicated SEO agency that develops custom SEO strategies for any business regardless of their industry. They have years of experience with optimizing on-page SEO, off-page SEO, SEO auditing, technical SEO, and doing thorough keyword research to help put you in the best position to run a successful SEO campaign.


In conclusion, make sure to apply these tips as soon as you can. SEO is a very long process that can reap a lot of benefits. The rule though is the earlier you start, the earlier you can start seeing results. So make sure to execute on these tips ASAP. Best of luck!

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